Living Dead Dolls

Ldd 008 005b.jpg
Ldd 008 005.jpg

Living Dead Dolls Series 8

Date of death: 4/11/1890 at 12:29pm

Cause of death: Hand amputated, bled out.

Chipboard Poem[]

What was it that resurrected him is unknown,

But at the stroke of midnight his face shall not be shown.

Be fair warned if you must have a look,

You risk getting mauled by Littlrot's hook!

Death Certificate[]

A stranger said to Angus, "Do you want some candy?"

"Why thank you kind sir," replied Angus, "that would be dandy."

But when he reached down into the dark box Angus hesitated,

"Come, come now, your treat is free and sweet," the stranger debated.

"To pass up such an opportunity would classify you a chump!"

Angus couldn't resist, drove in his fist and pulled back a bloody stump!

Euphorically light headed he gasped his last breath,

And our poor little Angus Littlrot sat there and bled to death.


  • Sack over head.

Fun Facts[]

  • Shares a death date with the Elephant man Joseph Merrick
  • He and The Lost came with variants while the other dolls in series 8 didn't.
    • Incidentally, they both appeared in Resurrection Series X.
  • He is one of seven dolls with an amputated limb (the others being HayzeGregoryThe HookCaptain BonneyMadame, and Fairy Fay ).
  • Is a gimmick doll with 3 possible face variants underneath the sack: a version with a burn on the right side of the face, a version with a gash across the right side of the mouth, and a screaming version with an extra iris visible.