Living Dead Dolls Series 23

Date of Death: January 8th, 1988

Cause of Death: Eaten alive

Chipboard PoemEdit

She's the host of a most murderous party
Where every guest must fall
She asks that you come early, don't be tardy
Laugh, drink, die! Have a ball!

Death CertificateEdit

After all guests lie quite dead
Little Betsy was feeling so fine
Until one by one they arose
On a feast of her flesh they did dine


  • Betsy comes with a teapot while the other four dolls come with tea cups. Each doll with a tea cup comes with a table leg which can be put on a coffin lid to make a tea table.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her death date marks the release of Return of the Living Dead Part II.
  • On January 8, 1988 The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences evaluates use of activated charcoal as a poison antidote.
  • She has one green eye and one grey eye.
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