• Rainbowcupcake88

    Why are the Fashion Victims a thing? They are WAAAAAAAAAY too sexualized for this franchise. And I am like 1000% sure Sadie is underage. Sexualizing children is gross, sexualizing horror characters is something I hate, and trashy dolls that are given obnoxiously huge boobs and butts with the attempt of looking "sexy" even though the POINT of LDD is scary...JUST..disgusting...

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  • Pikachu1710

    hi guys

    August 30, 2018 by Pikachu1710

    So i wanted to introduce myself. i am a major contributor to this wiki and i do not appreciate the recent edits with fake information. i spent alot of time going through fixing it.

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  • Squacoon

    Greetings everyone

    May 9, 2018 by Squacoon

    Hello fellow contributors. I just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I am the new admin/bureaucrat for this page. I am going to be doing some spring (summer?) cleaning that is long overdue. This includes purging any fake dolls.This is the offical wiki for LDD and will be treated as such. Any unofficial/unconfirmed/fanmade/or otherwise posted paages WILL BE deleted. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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  • JulieNicole66

    Hi, hello, I'm back haha.

    I felt that it'd be kind if I were to make different checklists for LDD collectors! They're all in Google Spreadsheets for easy color coding and such

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  • Malice89

    It's has come to my attention, that the recent influx of fake pages on this Wiki. If you please consider the following site as reference in the future, and relegate fan-made dolls to the blog page, but please do NOT make pages on the wiki unless it's the wiki's blog page.

    Link to website:

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  • JulieNicole66

    Edit: I decided to actually make it lol. Here's the link!

    Hello there! I'm fairly new to this Wiki (though, I do explore it quite often due to my obsession with these dolls lol), and was wondering if there was a Discord server related to Living Dead Dolls? I'd like a place to just chillax and talk about LDD with other enthusiasts! If there isn't one already made, I'd be down to make one and share! Call it "Living Dead Dollies" or something haha.

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  • Malice89

    Notice to cease

    December 1, 2017 by Malice89

    In the last few weeks, I've noticed pages that are NOT actual dolls related to the Living Dead Dolls Wiki, at all. All I'm saying is DO NOT make fan-made doll pages on this wiki, unless it is on the blogs.

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  • Pinkbuttons223

    Non-LDD pages??

    October 24, 2017 by Pinkbuttons223

    Do we have any active admins on this wiki to take care of this problem? There are pages being made that are related to Monster High and fan characters. Pages that shouldn't be on this wiki. If possible I would like to be an admin as well.

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  • Darkhorse666

    ??????/ Can we post stories (if not, I'm gonna make a Wiki)

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  • Mollyandbobby123

    Which is your favourite Living Dead Doll?

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  • Loob88

    I can't wait!

    July 25, 2012 by Loob88

    Guess what guys? I can't wait for christmas now! I'm putting Yoko Onna (if she is out in the uk), Flamingo, The Unwilling Donor and Daisy Slae on my christmas wishlist. I'm held a contest for best animal impersonation from a living dead doll, and the winner was....Squeak (series 16)! Runner-up was Mishka (series 16), and there will be a honourable mention for Beelzebub (series 24), Teddy (series 23) and Desmodus (series 21). Their dressups were:

    1st Place: Pig

    2nd: Wolf

    Honourable mentions:




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