Living Dead Dolls Series 17

Date of Death: N/A

Cause of death: Not Specified, possibly injuries sustained by broken glass

Chipboard PoemEdit

Do you dare to stare into the mirror,
and see what stares back at you?
They say the legend of Bloody Mary,
will grab you and pull you through

Death CertificateEdit

Stand in front of a mirror
so the ritual chant can begin.
Hold a candle to your darkened face
and in a circle three times start to spin.
Call her name each time as you turn
to summon the mad woman's form.
Stop and stare into the mirror
as your reflection starts to transform.
A crazed and bloody figure
will claw out your eyes and drive you insane.
You will be pulled into the mirror,
never to be heard from again.


  • Mirror

Fun FactsEdit

  • She is named after the urban legend Bloody Mary, who is possibly based on Queen Mary Tudor.
  • Her skin is covered in bloody cuts, simulating injuries caused by broken glass.
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