Living Dead Dolls


Living Dead Dolls Series 19

Date of Death: December 25, 1890
Risen: January 1, 1891

Cause of Death: Bitten by some sort of beast, most likely a vampire

Chipboard Poem[]

She feasts upon the warm crimson flow
her hunger consumes her like blinding snow
in the cold windy night she stalks her prey
as she rips out your throat the blood will spray

Death Certificate[]

Laid to rest after bitten by the beast
At the dawn of the new year she arose to feast



Fun Facts[]

  • Claret Winter was a special doll released with the series 19 variant set. The version of her sold with the variant set was the only version of her ever made, and thus only 375 pieces exist worldwide.
  • She also includes the date she had risen, which is very rare among living dead dolls.
  • She is one of three dolls that are Variant-Only, with Patience Xero and Wurm being the others.
  • She and Sinister Minister and Bad Habit all died on Christmas.
  • Her name comes from the word “claret”, which is a type of red wine and also slang for blood, and “winter” being the season she died and rose in, as well as her snowy white color scheme.
  • One of the few vampire dolls who doesn’t come with a stake.