Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls Exclusives


Date of death: 12/2/1917

Cause of death: Not specified, possibly ate her own poison or made a deal with the devil

Chipboard Poem[]

Cookie's troop was not going to win

Their bake sale recipe was looking grim.

So this sweet girl thought it would be best

To unleash her tasty treats of death.

Death Certificate[]

On my dishonor, I solemnly swear

To wreak havoc and despair

To crush people's dreams

at all times

And always serve as hell's concubine.

Fun Facts[]

  • She was a Spencer’s exclusive.
  • Her and resurrection Ezekiel are the only dolls wearing a scout uniform.
  • Her deathdate was the day that the Girl Scouts of America started to distribute Girl Scout cookies (hence the name and accessory).