Living Dead Dolls
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Living Dead Dolls Series 5

Date of Death: 1/15/1947 at 10:03am

Cause of Death: Bisected by an unknown assailant.

Chipboard Poem[]

Cast - Dahlia

Play - Series 5

Director - Ed Long & Damien Glonek

Scene - Little Dahlia wanted to be on the big screen,

As she would find out the scene was quite mean.

On the morning they found her she had been cut in two,

Just who had done this nobody knew.

Death Cetificate[]

Name of Deceased - Dahlia

Last Occupation - Odd Jobs

Cause of Death - Bisection


  • Pearl necklace

Fun Facts[]

  • Is based on and shares a death date with Elizabeth Short, nicknamed "The Black Dahlia." Even the injuries on the doll are the same as the ones sustained by Short.
  • Third doll in the main series to be based on a real person.
  • Has appeared in Resurrection VII.
  • She is the first doll to be resurrected and be based on a real person.
  • She was the first doll to have the stapled cheek mold, the next being Misery.
  • She is the only doll with the stapled body mold.