Living Dead Dolls Series 1

Date of Death: 7/15/1967

Cause of death: Strangled by drawstring

Chipboard PoemEdit

This little bunny
Is digging for sweets.
Roaches in baskets
Are her favorite treats.

Death CertificateEdit

A drawstring

used to fasten ears of a rabbit,

put this little bunny

in a kiddie casket.


  • An Easter egg basket with a roach inside it

Fun FactsEdit

  • First animal-themed doll.
  • A Blue Eggzorcist with white hair was a San Diego comic-Con exclusive doll; all 3,000 units sold quickly. Sealed in a body bag inside the coffin, buyers did not know if they had received a clean Eggy or the rarer, blood-stained variant, limited to 100 pieces.
  • A 10th Anniversary Eggzorcist was available in three different colors in three different countries--black and red in the U.S., gray and pink in the U.K., and yellow and pink with green hair in Japan. Each is limited to 666 numbered pieces world wide.
  • Appeared in the Alice in Wonderland set as the White Rabbit.
  • Has appeared as a Dollie, Mini doll, "Creepy Cuddlers" plush doll, a clip-on mini plush, and a figurine. Three figurines of Eggzorcist were included in the first set of figurines: a white one, a rarer blue one, and a flocked red and black one, which was the most limited of the entire set.
  • Death date is the birthdate of Michael 'Mez' Morowhitz,one of the the 3 creators of Living Dead Dolls
  • Released in the Hong Kong/Japan Minis sets in new color schemes.
  • Her name is a play on the word Exorcist.
  • Eggzorcist is commonly referred to by collectors as "Eggy."
  • Was originally a handmade gift to one of the creators' girlfriends, who returned the gift after the relationship broke down.
  • Her drawstring is a noose.
  • Despite her Easter costume, she died in the summer.
  • If you take off her bunny hood she has a purple bob with bangs.
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