Living Dead Dolls


Living Dead Dolls Series 1

Date of Death: 7/15/1967

Cause of death: Hanged by drawstring

Chipboard Poem[]

This little bunny,

Is digging for sweets.

Roaches in baskets,

Are her favorite treats.

Death Certificate[]

A drawstring,

Used to fasten ears of a rabbit,

Put this little bunny,

In a kiddie casket.


  • An Easter egg basket with a roach inside it :)

Fun Facts[]

  • First animal-themed doll.
  • Also the first doll to have the "X" symbol on her forehead. This design choice later carried over to Sadie as of Series 2, which is interesting, considering she is the one who is based on one of the Manson family members. Eggy may have originally had it as a reference to the metal artist Rob Zombie, since her color scheme matches that of his make up.
  • A Blue Eggzorcist with white hair was a San Diego comic-Con exclusive doll; all 3,000 units sold quickly. Sealed in a body bag inside the coffin, buyers did not know if they had received a clean Eggy or the rarer, blood-stained variant, limited to 100 pieces.
  • A 10th Anniversary Eggzorcist was available in three different colors in three different countries--black and red in the U.S., gray and pink in the U.K., and yellow and pink with green hair in Japan. Each is limited to 666 numbered pieces world wide.
  • Appeared in the Alice in Wonderland set as the White Rabbit.
  • Has appeared as a Dollie, Mini doll, "Creepy Cuddlers" plush doll, a clip-on mini plush, and a figurine. Three figurines of Eggzorcist were included in the first set of figurines: a white one, a rarer blue one, and a flocked red and black one, which was the most limited of the entire set.
  • Death date is the birthdate of Michael 'Mez' Morowhitz,one of the the 3 creators of Living Dead Dolls
  • Released in the Hong Kong/Japan Minis sets in new color schemes.
  • Her name is a play on the word Exorcist.
  • Eggzorcist is commonly referred to by collectors as "Eggy."
  • Was originally a handmade gift to one of the creators' girlfriends, who returned the gift after the relationship broke down.
  • Her drawstring is a noose.
  • Despite her Easter costume, she died in the summer.
  • If you take off her bunny hood she has a purple bob with bangs.
  • She is the only Series 1 doll to not be resurrected