Living Dead Dolls Series 20

Date of Death: February 5th, 1984

Cause of Death: Not Specified (possibly a head injury)

Chipboard PoemEdit

In the ring El Luchador was king
And all of his opponents dispatched
Until this rudos said adios
And was defeated in a wager match

Death CertificateEdit

The face of muertos upon his mask
This luchador is at the top of his class
Defeating all creatures until there were none left
And so he chose to wrestle instead with death

Ldd 020 002v


  • Wrestler Mask

Fun FactsEdit

  • Each doll comes in a newly designed coffin with wood-like graphics.
  • His name means 'the dead wrestler' in Spanish.
  • Some fans think he is the least favourite doll (except Hit-Girl, who was an exclusive) by far.
  • El Luchador Muerto shares the same day of death with Mexican Luchador El Santo (The Saint, in Spanish).
  • Each variant is red and black.
  • He was based on a doll that was made for the art show.
  • If you take his mask off there is a gash going down the side of his head.

Mask off

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