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Living Dead Dolls Series 9

Date of Death: 2/20/1996

Cause of death: Head bashed in

Chipboard PoemEdit

With a soft and sweet kiss,
Tears filled her eyes.
A figure of innocence,
That soon met her demise.

Death CertificateEdit

From the wound in her head,
The red blood does flow.
She was found down by the river,
Where the red roses grow.


  • The rock that caused her death
  • Red rose

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her first name is pronounced "ee-LY-sah."
  • Based on the song "Where the Wild Roses Grow" by Australian rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with Kylie Minogue as Elisa Day.
  • The death date is the original release date of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' album Murder Ballads, which featured the aforementioned song.
  • She is one of the few dolls whose eyes are glancing to the side.
  • She is one of the few "innocent" dolls.
  • Available as a glow-in-the dark variant.
  • She's also based off the urban legend "Elisa Day"
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