Living Dead Dolls Series 35

Date of Death: 1/29/1966

Cause of Death: Ate poisoned apples

Chipboard Poem Edit

She gives freely forbidden apples
Injected with blood of the undead.
To create a race of starving zombies 
With an undying desire to be fed.

Death CertificateEdit

She made being "Living Dead"
One of the biggest trends
Then she ate her own apples
Joining her new and truest friends

Fun FactsEdit

  • Was originally a hand made doll that made her debut at a LDD art show in Japan!
  • She is also confirmed by Ed to be the sister of Sadie.
  • Her Chipboard Poem, Death Certificate, and name references Adam & Eve.
  • One of the few characters to commit a murder-suicide.
  • The poisoned apples are a reference to Snow White.
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