Living Dead Dolls

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Living Dead Dolls Series 12

Date of Death: 12/31/1840

Cause of Death: Froze to death.

Chipboard Poem[]

Fair Charlotte was a frozen corpse

And a word she no more spoke.

Her flesh had become like fine china

And just as easily broke.

Death Certificate[]

Disobeying her mother's wishes,

Charlotte literally skated on thin ice.

Falling through the crack beneath her feet

she paid the ultimate price.

So next time you don't listen to your parents,

think of the dreadful sight

Of poor little frozen Charlotte,

rotting in the lonely cold winter's night.


  • Ice Skates
  • Earmuffs
  • Mittens

Fun Facts[]

  • She is based off of the poem “A Corpse Goes to the Ball."
  • She is one of three dolls to wear skates, and the only one to wear ice skates (the other 2 are Lulu and Peggy Goo, who wear roller skates).
  • She is in one of the LDD 2-inch figurines series.
  • She was supposed to be in the seventh series of minis, but it was canceled.
  • "Frozen Charlotte" was a style of popular Victorian doll made out of solid white china and occasionally sold in a tiny coffin-shaped box. The legend around these dolls was that Charlotte was a girl who travelled by sleigh to a winter ball, but who was unwilling to wrap up warmly so as not to cover her pretty gown. When she and her beau arrived at the ball, she was found to have frozen to death.
  • Has since been resurrected solo.
  • She resembles a porcelain doll.
  • She and Siren are both mute.

Resurrection Variant[]

There are two versions: one with a jacket and one with a snowsuit. There are also differences in hair and face styles.