Living Dead Dolls
07 gluttony.jpg

Living Dead Dolls Series 7

Date of death: 7/29/1974 at 6:30pm

Cause of death: Morbid obesity

Chipboard Poem[]

Gluttony - n. 1. Excessive eating and drinking.

2. See Vulgar the Obscene.

Death Certificate[]

The excessive food and drink that he craved,

Sent this butcher to an early grave.

Now trapped in Hell all he can partake,

Is being force-fed rats, toads and snakes.


  • Carving knife
  • Bone
  • Butcher block

Fun Facts[]

  • Shares a death date with singer Mama Cass, who is rumored to have died of an obesity-related heart attack while eating a sandwich. However, she actually died in her sleep, as the autopsy reported no food in her windpipe. Also, Gluttony has asymmetrical pupils, a sign of cardiac arrest.
  • 1974 is also the year the Texas Chainsaw Massacre released.
  • First overweight doll. The next was Ruby.
  • Gluttony has a heart shaped tattoo on his arm that reads: "Meat".
  • His coffin paper is orange, the color of gluttony.
  • He is wearing pink underwear.
  • He is roommates with Schitzo as seen in Isaiah's newspaper.
  • First butcher doll, followed by Butcher Boop.