Grace of the grave

Living Dead Dolls Series 8

Date of death: October of 1347

Cause of death: The Plague

Chipboard PoemEdit

She comes with the plague,
And also rotten flesh.
She's been dead a long time,
But her sores are still fresh.

Death CertificateEdit

Grace of the grave is said to wander,
And made many on a cold night ponder...
If some dolls die, and then come back,
Do they find in death, what in life they lacked?


Fun FactsEdit

  • Her deathdate is the month that the Pope banned flagelence.
  • Grace is bald making her, Bad Habit, resurrection variant Lust , hemlock and honey the only female dolls to be bald (three wear something on their heads the other 2 cover with a mask ).