Living Dead Dolls Series 14

Date of death: July 14, 1956

Cause of death: Severe blood loss, due to a hand amputation

Chipboard PoemEdit

GreGory the ventriloquist
had an act that was rather crummy
Through one of fate's little twists
It is now he who is the dummy

Death CertificateEdit

With a gag over his mouth and a chopped off hand
The Great GreGory has lost all control
He channeled the dead through his dummy
And they are taking over his mind, body and soul


  • Dummy

Fun FactsEdit

  • Deathdate is the day ventriloquist Edgar John Bergen had his last radio show.
  • He is one of seven dolls with an amputated limb (the others being Hayze, Angus LittlerotThe HookCaptain BonneyMadame, and Fairy Fay ). 
  • He is the third doll to have a doll of it's own, the others being The Lost (a dolly) and Macumba (a Voodoo doll). 
  • The dummy is similar to Slappy from the Goosebumps franchise. Slappy is an evil dummy with mind control powers.  
  • Opening his suit jacket reveals a removable gray cummerbund that can't be seen otherwise.  
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