Living Dead Dolls


Living Dead Dolls Series 19

Date of Death: 8/24/1821

Cause of Death: Stake through the heart.

Chipboard Poem[]

A warning to all the living...

There shall be a great red flood!

No mercy and no forgiving!

I Haemon, shall have your blood.

Death Certificate[]

Haemon was never a nice sunny boy,

But rather all fang, bloodlust and hate.

Until a nice boy learned just how to destroy,

And a stake through the heart sealed his fate.


  • Stake (variant)

Fun Facts[]

  • Each doll comes in a variant black and white outfit with red blood.
  • Haemon shares a death date with John Polidori, a horror writer who wrote The Vampyre: A Tale.
  • He, Desmodus, Nosferatu, and the Hopping Vampire are the only male vampire dolls so far.
  • He is named after Haman, the villain in the Jewish Purim story of Queen Esther.