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Death CertificateEdit


  • A removable Jack O Lantern head
  • Plush horse (Only in Dark-in-Glow pumpkin head variant)


  • This will be the first Living Dead Doll with a decapitated head, and the second to be split apart into two pieces, with Viv being the other.
  • This Headless Horseman is based on Washington Ivring's story.
  • He is the first doll to have a different shaped head.
  • He is the second Scary Tales doll to go solo.
  • His horse is the biggest pet in the LDD franchise; because of this Headless Horseman is the first Scary Tales doll to have a different box, to fit his horse.
  • This doll is exclusive to the USA; due to the story being orientated in the US.
  • He is one of the few male dolls to dress up like a gentleman.
  • He is the second Scary Tales doll to have a variant, with Little Red Riding Hood being the other.
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