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Living Dead Dolls Series 5

Date of death: 6/29/1967 at 4:07am

Cause of death: Car crash (Sabotage)

Chipboard PoemEdit

Cast - Hollywood
Play - Series 5
Director - Ed Long & Damien Glonek
Scene - Hollywood was a famous glamour gal.
She liked to race around with her rich promoter Sal.
But late one night this resulted in their death,
For the brakes have been cut by a stalker named Seth.

Death CertificateEdit

Name of Deceased - Hollywood
Last Occupation - Actress
Cause of Death - Massive Head Trauma.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Shares a death date with actress and former Playboy model Jayne Mansfield.
  • Both Hollywood and Mansfield died of severe head trauma due to automobile accidents, but Mansfield did not have a stalker who cut the brakes.
  • Appeared in the Fashion Victims series.
  • Her name comes from town of the same name.
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