Living Dead Dolls Series 27

Date of Death: N/A

Cause of Death: Jiangshi virus

Chipboard PoemEdit

Infected with the jiangshi virus
Only the spell on paper can stop the curse
Ldd 027 002

Once attached to his head
This Hopping Vampire will disperse.

Death CertificateEdit

First Reported: 1644
Country: China
Region: Xiangxi

Characteristics: Body is stiff, can not bend limbs.
Has to move around by hopping while
keeping its arms stretched out for mobility.
Category: Vampire, Ghost

Accesory Edit

  • Spell Scroll

Fun FactsEdit

  • He is based on the Jiang-Si legend.
  • He is the second Asian doll (China), with Yuki Onna (Japan) being the other.
Ldd 027 002v
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