Living Dead Dolls

Ldd 004 001.jpg

Living Dead Dolls Series 4

Date of Death: 12/1/1947

Cause of Death: Soul consumed by demon

Chipboard Poem[]

Like a Phoenix,

From the flames she arose.

Pain and suffering,

She now bestows.

Death Certificate[]

Tiny Inferno liked to play with black magic,

Until she met her demise so tragic.

She conjured a demon she could not control,

Angry and starving he devoured her soul.


  • Wings

Fun Facts[]

  • Shares a death date with occultist Aleister Crowley.
  • First doll with wings.
  • Appeared as a Fashion Victim.
  • Appeared in Resurrection Series V.
  • Appeared in the Alice in Wonderland set as the Red Queen.
  • Has appeared as a Dollie and a mini doll.
  • Her name comes from a massive body of fire (e.g Hell).
  • was one of the dolls that specifically got the whole 'Living Dead Dolls' line banned in Greece