Living Dead Dolls
Ldd 006 006.jpg

Living Dead Dolls Series 6

Date of death: N/A

Cause of death: Crucifixion

Chipboard Poem[]

Isaac is a scarecrow who wants to steal your soul,

But he is too busy hanging and loving his Ole' Crow.

Death Certificate[]

Nailed onto a cross,

This false prophet hates.

Crows pecking on his innards,

He just hangs and waits.


  • Crow

Fun Facts[]

  • First and only doll in the main series to be stuffed.
  • He has no known death date, possibly because he is a scarecrow.
  • He may be named after the boy messiah in the movie ‘Children of the Corn’.
  • He has 2 left hands and 6 fingers on one of them.