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Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales, Volume 2

Date of death: N/A

Cause of death: Possibly cursed

Chipboard Poem Edit

Entombed in this horror by a single red rose
Two beings share a fate that neither one chose
Each one trapped by the other wanting to be released
But who is the real beauty and who is the real beast

Death Certificate Edit


Beauty and The Beast (2017) Edit

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This edition of the dolls is like the Resurrection series in that it is a complete reinterpretation with glass eyes used for the dolls. Since the designs differ so greatly, the poem has also changed.

Chipboard Poem Edit

Bathed in white a thing of beauty

But even snow has some cruelty

Shadowed in black a hulking beast

But even in darkness love must feast

Fun FactsEdit

  • Some fans have compared Beauty and Beast to Hot Topic exclusives Misery and Tragedy, respectively, because of their looks (stitched faces and both girls having the same hair colors).
  • The Beast is one of six males with long hair. The others are Macumba, Otis, Jack the Ripper, Rotten Sam, and Edgar.
  • The Beast has the thinnest hair out of all the male Living Dead Dolls.
  • A death certificate was not written for them.
  • The Beast is not declared dead, but his disfigurement is mysterious, making his nature unknown.
  • Beauty is the first doll to have pink eyes.
  • Beauty and the Beast return in 2017 with concepts much closer to the original fairy tale, as Beast is monstrous and Beauty is innocent.
  • 2017 Beauty and the Beast are designed to reflect the Yin-Yang symbol, with each having a single touch of the other's color in their designs.
  • Although the 2017 Beast uses the goat mask featured on many previous Living Dead Dolls, his is permanent to indicate that it is his real face.
  • 2017 Beast uses the long clawed arms introduced with Nosferatu.
  • 2017 Beauty and the Beast have glass eyes, as they are redesigned editions like the Resurrection series.
  • 2017 Beauty and the Beast were released at the same time as Disney's live-action remake of their version of Beauty and the Beast, and they were also released in conjunction with Series 33, which contains more French characters.
  • Unlike the first release of Beauty and the Beast, where both dolls were sold separately, the 2017 version is sold in a 2-pack.
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