Snow White and Queen
Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales, Volume 4

Date of death: N/A

Cause of death: Jaw removed and burned to death (Queen)

Chipboard PoemEdit

Coal colored hair and skin so fair, that was young

Snow White.

The Queen did plan to kill her, but did not expect a fight.

A poison apple was the tool, its flesh as red as fire.

But in the end it was the Queen who ended up in the pyre.

Death CertificateEdit



  • These dolls were released at the same time as the 2012 film Snow White & The Huntsman.
  • Underneath her red cloak, the Evil Queen's lower jaw has been torn off and she has long wavy white hair.
  • While the Queen is undead, Snow White may still be alive.
  • Snow White resembles Eve, and they’re both know for poisoned apples.
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