Living Dead Dolls

Snow White and Queen.jpg

Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales, Volume 4

Date of death: N/A

Cause of death: Jaw removed and burned to death (Queen)

Chipboard Poem[]

Coal colored hair and skin so fair, that was young

Snow White.

The Queen did plan to kill her, but did not expect a fight.

A poison apple was the tool, its flesh as red as fire.

But in the end it was the Queen who ended up in the pyre.

Death Certificate[]



  • These dolls were released at the same time as the 2012 film Snow White & The Huntsman.
  • Underneath her red cloak, the Evil Queen's lower jaw has been torn off and she has long wavy white hair.
  • While the Queen is undead, Snow White may still be alive.
  • Snow White resembles Eve, and they’re both know for poisoned apples.