Living Dead Dolls


Living Dead Dolls Series 3

Date of death: 2/11/1963 at 9:13am

Cause of death: Pill overdose.

Chipboard Poem[]

She comes with an umbrella,

To help keep out the sun.

Now that everything is dark,

Her playtime has begun.

Death Certificate[]

Lottie ate a pound of aspirin,

That went straight to her head.

She pretended they were sweets,

Instead of treats for the dead.


  • Black lace umbrella.

Fun Facts[]

  • Shares a death date with poet and The Bell Jar writer Sylvia Plath, who took her own life. Much like Lottie, some think that Plath's death was accidental.
  • Appeared in the first Resurrection Series.
  • Has appeared as a mini doll.