Living Dead Dolls

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Living Dead Dolls Series 4

Date of Death: 8/17/1978 at 6:25am

Cause of Death: Skated down stairs and succumbed to injuries

Chipboard Poem[]

With a broken leg,

And roller skates.

She wants to be,

Your new playmate.

Death Certificate[]


She skated towards the concrete stairs,

Hearing the many shouted dares.

Then she tumbled straight to Hell,

Into her own little grave our dear Lulu fell.


  • Rollerskates

Fun Facts:[]

  • Lulu was the first doll without eyebrows. The next was Dottie Rose.
  • She was the first doll with a tattoo.
  • She is the first and only doll with a compound fracture; having a bone sticking out of her right leg.
  • She was the first doll with roller skates, which Peggy Goo later had.
  • Lulu has appeared in the Fashion Victims series.
  • She appeared in Resurrection Series II.
  • She has appeared as a mini doll.
  • Becky, Ed Long‘s ex-wife, was the inspiration for this doll.
  • Although she has a broken leg, a cast is on her right arm, signifying she has more injuries than are named.