Ldd 004 003

Living Dead Dolls Series 4

Date of Death: 8/17/1978 at 6:25am

Cause of Death: Tried to skate down the stairs.

Chipboard PoemEdit

With a broken leg
And roller skates,
She wants to be
Your new playmate.

Death CertificateEdit


She skated towards the concrete stairs,
Hearing the many shouted dares.
Then she tumbled straight to Hell,
Into her own little grave our dear Lulu fell.



Fun Facts:Edit

  • Lulu was the first doll without eyebrows. The next was Dottie Rose.
  • She was the first doll with a tattoo. Although she appears to be a child, so the tattoo may not be injected.
  • She is the first and only doll with a compound fracture; having a bone sticking out of her right leg.
  • She was the first doll with roller skates, which Peggy Goo later had.
  • Lulu has appeared in the Fashion Victims series.
  • She appeared in Resurrection Series II.
  • She has appeared as a mini doll.
  • Becky, Ed Long‘s wife, was the inspiration for this doll.
  • Although she has a broken leg, the cast is on her right arm. It’s possible she could have more than one fracture.
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