Living Dead Dolls
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Living Dead Dolls Series 4

Date of death: 6/15/1881

Cause of death: Cursed

Chipboard Poem[]

With a doll,

He casts his spell.

No one is safe

From this zombie hell.

Death Certificate[]

Placed under a voodoo curse,

It was an evil spell he could not reverse.

A soul trapped behind lifeless eyes,

All things alive are now despised.


  • Voodoo Doll
  • Skull hat
  • Bone necklace

Fun Facts[]

  • First non-white doll, with Yuki Onna, Hopping Vampire (both from Asia), Calavera, Series 20 (all from Central America), and Milu (Polynesian) following suit. Demonique is an unknown race.
    • He and Menard are currently the only LDD who is of African descent.
  • Shares a death date with Marie Laveau, Voodoo queen of New Orleans.
  • Has appeared as a mini doll.
  • He's currently the only Series 4 doll to not have been resurrected.
  • He was the doll that resulted in Series 4 being banned in Greece.
  • The bone necklace was later used for Envy's belt.
  • First doll with yarn for hair. He is one of three male dolls to have it along with Rotten Sam and Misery.
  • He is the first of 7 male dolls with long hair, with Doom, Beast, Jack the Ripper, Rotten Sam, and Edgrr being the other 6.
  • Macumba is a folk religion from Brazil. While it has some similarities, it is considered distinct from voodoo.