Ldd 022 002b

Living Dead Dolls Series 22

Date of Death: 7/18/1980

Cause of Death: Throat ripped out by a zombie

Chipboard PoemEdit

Trapped on an island
Cursed with voodoo
The dead are among us
And they want to eat you

Death CertificateEdit

Convinced this sickness was caused by a disease
Menard tried to answer the dying pleas.
But when he got too close to one of the condemned
They ripped out his throat and made him one of them.



Fun FactsEdit

  • His death date is the release date of Zombi 2, also known as Zombie: Island of the Living Dead, Zombie Island & Zombie Flesh Eaters.
  • Each doll comes in a variant black and white outfit with red blood.
  • He has the same face mold as the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Jason Voorheyes.
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