Living Dead Dolls Series 10

Date of death: 6/6/2006

Cause of death: Not Specified

Chipboard PoemEdit

This little girl is a creator of dread.
Everything she touches winds up dead.
Her world is filled with gloom and decay,
But Mildread doesn't want it any other way.

Death CertificateEdit

Everything Mildread touches would wither and die,
But she likes things better when they aren't alive.
This may sound harsh and very unfair,
But it doesn't cause Mildread any despair.
She has no use for things that breathe,
So feel her touch and spread her disease.


Fun FactsEdit

  • First doll to die after Series X's release (Fall 2005).
  • Death date is the release date for the remake of The Omen.
  • The death date has 666 reference.
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