Fun FactsEdit

  • First time glass eyes were used in main series dolls
  • Clear lids variants were sold by Mezco limited to 500 including a blue hair mystery candy rotten
  • There is one bloody version of each Mystery Doll (Eggzorcist, Posey, Damien, Sin, & Sadie). The bloody version came with an original certificate that could be exchanged for all of the Living Dead Dolls items being released for the Living Dead Dolls 20th Anniversary. The certificate had to be mailed into Mezco by December 31st, 2018 in order to be claimed. The prize included the following (as discussed in the LDD Facebook groups): All 3 Vespers, all resurrection 12 dolls (including their variants), the series 35 dolls, and a few presents dolls (Talking Freddy, Michael Myers, the Nun, Catwoman). As of the end of 2018, the Bloody Eggzorcist and Bloody Sadie had been found.
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