Ldd 019 004b

Living Dead Dolls Series 19

Date of Death: September 20, 1607

Cause of Death: Vampirism, possibly starvation

Chipboard Poem Edit

Little Orchid
Is a vampire kid
Who so wanted to be a spook
But how do you feed
When the substance you need
Makes you want to puke

Death Certificate Edit

Orchid is a little vampire girl
But the taste of blood makes her hurl
Because she feels ill
She never gets her fill
And is the unluckiest ghoul in the world


Stake (variant)

Fun Facts Edit

  • Many fans believe she is based off the vampire child Claudia from "Interview with a vampire".
  • She has also been produced as a rag doll.
  • Each doll comes in a variant black and white outfit with red blood.
  • Her problem with not being able to consume blood may be bulimia or hemophobia, or she may be a vegetarian vampire.
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