Living Dead Dolls

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Living Dead Dolls Series 22

Date of Death: 7/22/1959

Cause of Death: Unknown.

Chipboard Poem[]

Over to your car

Peggy Goo will skate

Serving her favorite dish,

Your brains on a plate.

Death Certificate[]

Peggy Goo served all the cars on the lot,

Customers thought she was alive, but she was not.

Other waitresses wanted some tips for their pains,

All Peggy Goo wants is your tasty little brains.


  • Plate and Brain

Fun Facts[]

  • Her death date is the release date for Plan 9 From Outer Space.
  • One of three dolls to wear skates (the other two are Frozen Charlotte and Lulu).
  • Each doll in this set came in a variant black and white outfit with red blood.
  • She is based on a 1950's diner waitress. They often served food to parked cars while wearing roller skates.
  • One of 5 dolls with a human organ as an accessory (brain).The others being Purdy, Goria (also brains), Bride of Valentine (heart), and The Unwilling Donor (kidney).