Ldd exc 019

Billy and Jilly

Living Dead Dolls Exclusives

Date of death: 1/19/1998

Cause of death: Cursed (possibly)

Chipboard PoemEdit

One is crude,
The other rude.
With a shit load of tattoos,
They died to lose.

Death CertificateEdit

Fast and frightening
With an eight ball curse,
To hell they ride
In their hot rod hearse.

Fun FactsEdit

  • The Psycho Billy and Jilly 2-pack was exclusively available at Tower Records.
  • Their motif is loosely based on "Psychobilly," a type of Goth that is often affliated with the 1950's.
  • This is one of the first chipboard poems that have a mild curse word. (Shit)
  • Like Candy Rotten, both Billy and Jilly have many tattoos.
  • Jilly has a similar color scheme to Nurse Necro.
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