Pumpkin unmasked
Pumpkin unmasked variant

Living Dead Dolls Series 16

Date of Death: October 27, 1966

Cause of Death: Not Specified

Chipboard PoemEdit

On the 31st of October in a pumpkin patch
He made up his face & masked it to match
Wandering around he aimlessly kills
His tricks and his treats is the blood that spills

Death CertificateEdit

Laid to rest in the great pumpkin patch
He must have come from a very bad batch
With evil intent, his machete and mask
Back from beyond with death as his task


  • Pumpkin Basket
  • Pumpkin Mask
  • Bloody Machete

Fun FactsEdit

  • In the promo picture Pumpkin doesn't have any hair.
  • Pumpkin's outfit is similar to Micheal Myers from Halloween.
  • Was featured in Resurrection Series VIII.
  • Pumpkin's look for the resurrection look is different from his original instead of a 1970s styled mask but is a simple looking pumpkin mask and he wears a coat
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