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Living Dead Dolls Series 9

Date of Death: 2/4/1968

Cause of death: Blunt force trauma, passed during surgery.

Chipboard PoemEdit

With her bloody brain exposed,
She's still pretty adorable.
But the things she's capable of
Are truly so darned horrible.

Death CertificateEdit

Clumsy in her bunny slippers, She tripped and struck her head.
No one cared to inform her,
That she was close to dead.
They tried to open her skull
To relieve her swelling brain,
But despite all their efforts,
Purdy died in vain.
Now she roams the hospital
In a ghostly daze
Haunting sick little dolls
With her undead gaze


Removable brain

Fun FactsEdit

  • Using cessation of heartbeat as a sign of death before organ removal was abandoned in most western countries in 1968 in favour of "brain death", a more absolute sign that the lack of consciousness is permanent. The first heart transplantation from a "brain dead" donor was in 1968 at Sapporo Medical School.
  • First doll with an exposed brain, she and Goria are the only 2 dolls to have them.
  • Was featured Resurrection Series X.
  • Is one of five dolls with a human organ accessory (a brain). GoriaPeggy Goo (all brains), the Bride of Valentine (heart), and The Unwilling Donor (kidney).