Living Dead Dolls

Ressurection Series I Variants


Fun Facts[]

  • Value
    • Regulars (May not be valid)
      • Posey: $400-$800?
      • Sybil: $800-$1500?
      • Kitty: $220-$320
      • Lottie: $230-$350
    • Variants (May not be valid)
      • Posey: $1500-$3000?
      • Sybil: $2500-$5000?
      • Kitty: $520-$800?
      • Lottie: $666-$1000?
  • Resurrection dolls have glass-like eyes.
  • This is the first all-girl Resurrection series (this was later done in Res. 7).
  • The rooting on the variant Posey is intentionally thinner than that of the regular resurrection Posey.
  • Not all of the Lottie's came with the patent leather umbrella. There was a chance that you could have not received one and on some of the Lottie dolls there would be a quote on the back of one of her rain boots that says "Lucky You" or "Unlucky You". The "Lucky You" means you lucky enough to have the umbrella version and the "Unlucky You" means you're unlucky and didn't get the version with the umbrella. There is no way to tell if you have either of these versions unless you unbox the doll because they have the grasping hand regardless.
  • Res Sybil is the 1st doll to feature the Hannibal Lecter mask. (2nd was Little Bo Creep)
  • The regular dolls are limited to 450 pieces world wide and the variants are limited to 50 pieces world wide.
  • The most valuable ldd set in the worlds history ever!
  • Sybil is the most valuable in both sets
  • kitty is extremely underrated, being the least valuable in both sets.