Living Dead Dolls

Beware there is a fake resurrection variant Lilith! Beware! (she has short teeth, and stubby arms!) Be careful!


Resurrection series II variants


Prices (May not be valid)[]

  • Value (May not be valid)
    • Regulars (May not be valid)
      • Sadie: $250-$400?
      • Lou Sapphire: $150- $280?
      • Lilith: $200-$300?
      • Lulu: $250-$480?
      • Sold as a set in 2008: $150
    • Variants ( May not be Valid )
      • Sadie: $500-$900?
      • Lilith: $400-$870?
      • Lou Sapphire: $200-$300?
      • Lulu: $400-$700?
      • Sold as a set in 2008: $250

Fun facts[]

  • Lilith's fangs resembles Nosferatu's.
  • Lilith's arms are the same as Nosferatu's.
  • Each doll in the regular set is limited to 525 pieces.
  • Each doll in the variant set is limited to 75 pieces.
  • The queen and king of hell appear in both of these sets (Lilith and Lou.)
  • Resurrection variant Lilith has glow in the dark skin similar to Japan Exclusive Eggzorcist.
  • Resurrection and Res variant lilith has unique pointy ears, unlike desmodus and Nosferatu.
  • from the regular resurrection set to the variant set, only 2 of the dolls eyes stayed the same, while liliths and sadies changed.
  • In the variant set Lou and lilith have almost the same eye design.
  • Both sadies have skull buttons down there dress.
  • Both sadies have a lace design throughout there dress.
  • Lulu seems to have reverse colors in the variant set.
  • Either of the Lou's do not have shoes.
  • Sadie resembles wednesday addams, mostly in the variant set. also being based off of sadie manson.
  • The res variant lilith has reverse wings from the res version
  • Lilith has the standard high heels/ witch boots.
  • Sadie has Marie janes with red/ white socks
  • Lulu has roller skates, first seen on lulu.
  • The res lilith resembles lily munster, with the white streak.
  • Both liliths have a different colored choker.
  • The 2 liliths seem to be totally reverse, matching with the way they did lulu.
  • Res variant lilith and res variant sadie, have the most value in the sets.
  • It is confirmed by damien that lilith is meant to be adam's first wife, and mother of demons.
  • It was a coincidence that the king and queen of hell are in this series, (confirmed by damien)
  • Lou's mask was not meant to look like lilith, (confirmed by damien)
  • Res variant lilith is the first glow in the dark painted resurrection doll, and only with the glow paint skin.
    • There is and was a fake resurrection variant lilith going around! Beware ( the fake has really short teeth, small eyes, and short arms!) Just be careful!