Ldd 006 004
Living Dead Dolls Series 6

Date of Death: 6/6/60

Cause of Death: Not Specified

Chipboard PoemEdit

One hell of a ghost and Carrion her pet,
Are two of the creepiest ghouls
You wish you never met.

Death CertificateEdit

An image from the past, she roams eternally,
Reliving the horrid night of a twisted tragedy.
To gaze upon this ghost, you'll witness her demise,
For she is a harbinger of death as you will surely realize.


  • Vulture

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her deathdate adds up to 666 the symbol of the beast.
  • Revenant was the first Living Dead Doll to glow in the dark.
  • Has appeared in Resurrection VII.
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