Living Dead Dolls

School Time Sadie

Living Dead Dolls Series 2

Date of Death: 10/24/1996 at 4:00am

Cause of death: Suicide

Chipboard Poem[]

When it's time to dissect,

This one is sure to pass.

Sadie gives a new meaning,

To the term "cutting class."

Death Certificate[]

To the parents of Sadie:

We are concerned about your daughter's participation in school or lack there of. She seems to have become morbidly pale and has developed an obsession with sharp objects. Also we are worried about her grooming habits, lately she seems to reek of death.

- Professor Nuccio


  • Blood-stained cleaver
  • Necronomicon book
  • Black vinyl backpack

Fun Facts[]

  • This is the first time Sadie would appear with her iconic x on her forehead, a reference to the Manson family/Rob Zombie.
  • Her death date is different from Series 1 Sadie, which is 4/26/1969.
  • She is the first variation of the original Sadie in the main series.
  • She is the first doll not to include a traditional death certificate.
  • Has appeared as a mini doll exclusively included in a stationery kit.