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The fifteenth series of Living Dead Dolls was released in 2008.


Other InformationEdit

  • Availability

Retired (Laid to Rest)

  • Market Value


Death: $75-$125

Bathory: $80-$200

Gypsy: $60-$90

Flamingo: $30-$70

Judas: $30-$50


Variant Death: $100-$140

15 talking board

Variant Bathory: $45-$110

Variant Gypsy: $50-$100

Variant Flamingo: $30-$60

Variant Judas: $30-$50

Fun Facts Edit

  • A set of limited-edition variants was exclusive to the Mezco Direct store, with 666 sets available worldwide.
  • This is one of two main series to have two males instead of one in a series. The other is series 33
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