Living Dead Dolls
Living Dead Dolls


Living Dead Dolls Series 13

Date of death: 3/22/2005

Cause of death: Allergic reaction to cats.

Chipboard Poem[]

Clawing up her nightgown

Hear it hiss and moan.

Nothing scares her more,

Poor petrified Simone.

Death Certificate[]

Upon her nightgown,

It’s long black claws did latch.

So allergic, her breath stolen,

With a single scratch.


  • Black cat

Fun Facts[]

  • Her name and death date is shared with actress Simone Simon, who starred in the 1942 movie Cat People, hence her bad luck motif.
  • Each doll comes with its own piece of a charm. Collect all five pieces to construct a good luck charm to break the bad luck curse.
  • She died from an allergic reaction, also known as anaphylactic shock.