Living Dead Dolls

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Living Dead Dolls Exclusives

Date of death: 12/25/1966

Cause of death: Lightning strike

Chipboard Poem[]

This gruesome twosome
Have a dark obsession.
With an incense burner and rosary beads,
They want your confession.

Death Certificate[]

Sinister Minister and Bad Habit
Righteously struck down by lightning
They rose again fast and frightening.
This blasphemous boy and demented sister,
Have a habit that's bad and a sermon quite sinister.

Fun Facts[]

  • Three versions of the Sinister Minister and Bad Habit 2-pack were released. 
  • Toy2R in Hong Kong offered 666 individually numbered bloody sets garbed in red (Sinister Minister has horns and Bad Habit has blood coming from her eyes in this version). 
  • The other 2 versions (all black, all white) were available through Spencer Gifts. 
  • The white set was issued after the black set sold out in record time to meet consumer demand.
  • Under Bad Habit's headdress is nothing, making her the first female doll to be bald. However, some fans draw her with long red hair.
  • Their death date is December 25th, which is Christmas.
  • The design on Bad Habit’s dress is an inverted cross, which is the Cross of Saint Peter, but is also commonly associated with Satanism.
  • Sinister Minister may be based off of killer Harry Powers, who as well was known for tattooing his knuckles with the words hate and love.