Living Dead Dolls Series 25

Date of Death: August 12th, 1977

Cause of Death: gouged out eyes

Chipboard PoemEdit

The second of three sisters who pollutes our world

The offspring of a witch who had three little girls

Sospirare is also known as the black queen

Among sighs and whispers is where she is seen

Death CertificateEdit

A name only spoke on the shallowest of breaths
To say it out loud would only bring certain death
Sight without sight and the sound of a sigh
To hear her whispers will cause you to die

Fun FactsEdit

  • She is one of three dolls with gouged eyes, with Tessa and Isabel being the others.
  • According to her Chipboard Poem, she is one of three daughters of a witch. This is also the case with Tenebre and Lamenta, which means that Tenebre, Sospirare, and Lamenta are sisters
  • Sospirare, Tenebre, and Lamenta are three dolls (like Tower Records exclusives Hazel and Hattie and pumpkin and calavera reveled in the res 8 story and shoot and ash lee ) to be blood relatives.
  • Her name is Italian for sigh.
  • She is most likely based off of The Three Mothers, a trilogy of horror films directed by Dario Argento. It is about three powerful witches, and one of them is referred to as Mater Suspirioum, the "Mother of Sighs."
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