Ldd 028 003

Living Dead Dolls Series 28

Ldd 028 003v

Date of Death: N/A

Cause of Death: Possibly suicide

Chipboard PoemEdit

A bittersweet sixteen,
being the living dead.
Sadie can cry at her party,
or so it's been said.

Death CertificateEdit

The very first one of many to come.
Sixteen years later a party for some
when she died there wasn't much of a care.
Now she does what no one would dare.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Sweet 16 Sadie is the first incarnation of a main series Sadie, since Series 7; a little over 10 years ago (at the time Series 28 was released).
  • She is a nod to the Living Dead Dolls' Sweet sixteen.
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