Living Dead Dolls Series 21

Date of Death: August 15th, 1980

Cause of Death: Not Specified

Chipboard Poem

One of three sisters who pollute our world
The offspring of a witch who had three little girls
Tenebre is the youngest and the most cruel
In darkness and shadows is where she does rule

Death Certificate

When you are surrounded by shadows
And into the blackness you peer
That is where you can find Tenebre
Who lurks in the darkness we fear

Fun Facts

  • Her name is Italian for darkness.
  • She is most likely based off of The Three Mothers, a trilogy of horror films directed by Dario Argento. It is about three powerful witches, and one of them is referred to as Mater Tenebrarum, the "Mother of Darkness".
  • She, Sospirare, and Lamenta are sisters.
  • The year of her death is also the date of the movie Inferno of Dario Argento.
    • However Inferno was the second movie in The Three Mothers trilogy.
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