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Living Dead Dolls Series 9

Date of death: 4/25/1986

Cause of death: Radiation

Chipboard Poem Edit

With all the pollutants that she sucked in,

Toxic Molly gave herself a vow.

She would continue to breathe in the life that she loved,

But not even her gasmask can save her now.

Death Certificate Edit

After all the mass cremation
Bringing about man's damnation,
Toxic Molly survived the devastation
And is reborn again through radiation.


  • Gas mask

Fun Facts Edit

  • Her deathdate is the day before the Chernobyl accident.
  • A black and white, glow-in-the-dark version of Toxic Molly was offered as part of a Living Dead Dolls Series 9 variant set, exclusive to the Mezco Direct Store.
  • She's is one of 4 dolls to don a gas mask with War, resurrection Lust and resurrection variant Lust being the others.
  • Her variant's skin-tone has a green tint.