Living Dead Dolls

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Living Dead Dolls Series 9

Date of death: 4/25/1986

Cause of death: Radiation poisoning.

Chipboard Poem[]

With all the pollutants that she sucked in,

Toxic Molly gave herself a vow.

She would continue to breathe in the life that she loved,

But not even her gasmask can save her now.

Death Certificate[]

After all the mass cremation

Bringing about man's damnation,

Toxic Molly survived the devastation

And is reborn again through radiation.


  • Gas mask

Fun Facts[]

  • Her death date is the day before the Chernobyl accident.
  • A black and white, glow-in-the-dark version of Toxic Molly was offered as part of a Living Dead Dolls Series 9 variant set, exclusive to the Mezco Direct Store.
  • She's is one of 4 dolls to don a gas mask with War, resurrection Lust, and Resurrection Variant Lust being the others.
  • Her variant's skin-tone has a green tint, possibly to give her a radioactive look. Also, since her dress is green, this seems to be referencing Paris Green, a dye color for clothing that is no longer used due to the poisonous dye being absorbed into the skin, which has been known to cause death.  
  • Her tongue is blue. In addition to her being dead, a blue coloring to the organs is a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning.