Living Dead Dolls Exclusive

Date of Death: 12/14/1934

Cause of Death: Suicide

Chipboard PoemEdit

A perfect gift for holiday joy
A little nutcracker soldier boy
So were the thoughts that went through his head
Till he cut up his mouth and bled till dead

Death CertificateEdit

This little boy marched to a different tune
And under the light of a Christmas Eve moon
When it was thought the night couldn't get any blacker
He carved up his face to look like a nutcracker

Fun FactsEdit

  • His death date is also the US release date of Babes in Toyland/March of the Wooden Soldiers, hence the soldier motif.
  • He is one of the two X-mas themed dolls, with Nohell being the other
  • He is the first male doll to commit suicide, while the others are female (Isabel, Flamingo,Penny, *Link Leads To Her Wikia Page* and Sunday.)
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