aka Julie

  • I live in San Antonio
  • I was born on May 28
  • I am Female
  • JulieNicole66

    Hi, hello, I'm back haha.

    I felt that it'd be kind if I were to make different checklists for LDD collectors! They're all in Google Spreadsheets for easy color coding and such

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  • JulieNicole66

    Edit: I decided to actually make it lol. Here's the link!

    Hello there! I'm fairly new to this Wiki (though, I do explore it quite often due to my obsession with these dolls lol), and was wondering if there was a Discord server related to Living Dead Dolls? I'd like a place to just chillax and talk about LDD with other enthusiasts! If there isn't one already made, I'd be down to make one and share! Call it "Living Dead Dollies" or something haha.

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