Living Dead Dolls
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Living Dead Dolls Series 7

Date of death: 8/29/1958 at 5:38pm

Cause of death: Complications from plastic surgery

Chipboard Poem[]

Vanity - n. 1. To believe one is better than others or even better than god.

2. See Madame Dysmorphic.

Death Certificate[]

Madame Dysmorphic was never attractive enough,

So Dr. Dedwin called her bluff.

He cut her & stitched & made so pretty,

She died on the table, oh what a pity.


  • Silver hand mirror

Fun Facts[]

  • Her death date is singer Michael Jackson's birth date, who was still alive at the time of Vanity's release. He was known for his multiple cosmetic procedures.
  • Her doctor was later made into a doll himself, Dr. Dedwin.
  • Dysmorphia is a state of dissatisfaction with one's body image, which manifests itself in obsessively striving to improve one's appearance, either by starving i.e. anorexia, or having excessive plastic surgery, liposuction, or a sex change.
  • The stitches on her face are based on cosmetic surgery, although the stitching is exaggerated for horror.
  • She is also called Pride.
  • Her coffin paper is violet, the color of pride.
  • She wears a backwards hospital gown over her dress.