07 wrath

Living Dead Dolls Series 7

Date of death: 4/5/1908 at 8:00pm

Cause of death: Dismemberment

Chipboard PoemEdit

Wrath - n 1. Rage, Passionate displeasure.
2. See Bad Bette Jane.

Death CertificateEdit

Bad Bette Jane was often red in the face,
A screaming little spoiled rotten disgrace.
Always allowing her rage to thrive,
So now she must be dismembered alive.


  • Lollipop.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her deathdate is the birthdate of actress Bettie Davis, the actress who starred in ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane?’.
  • Wrath’s name- ‘Bad Bette Jane’ is a combination of the names Bette Davis and ‘Baby Jane'
  • Her coffin paper is red, the color of wrath.